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Introduction To Counselling

Many people have an interest in counselling.  Whether you want to work with clients one to one as a therapist or use the skills in your workplace, the outcome is the same. You will learn to develop a deeper level of skill in communication with others. HR managers, teachers, training consultants, mentors, guidance and support workers, carers, management and [...]

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Working with Leaders – Today was a great day!

I have had the privilege of working with many exceptional leaders and today I had the pleasure of working with another. This CEO was a joy to behold. Just by talking to her, you could see her leadership skills, even though she hadn't acknowledged how much of a true leader she is. Capturing her approach is worth sharing with other [...]

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What Assertiveness Looks Like

Following on from our previous blog post, ‘Improving Your Assertiveness’, we wanted to illustrate what being assertive looks like. We know it can be daunting to think about if you’re not a naturally assertive person, that’s why we have also included some ‘Dos and Don’ts’ that you can try to incorporate into your everyday life. Being assertive falls right in the middle [...]

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Improving Your Assertiveness

Couples often present for couple counselling with an issue around communication. We work with them to change the negative patterns, break bad habits and help to understand with empathy. We also help them to listen to what each other are saying. However, an issue we see time and again is that one or other in the relationship has real difficulty [...]

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Employee Assistance Program

As we slowly emerge from our lockdown, many people are thinking about going back to work. Some are super keen to get back but for others there can be issues around anxiety, depression, stress, fear or just generally feeling out of sorts. If you feel your employees could benefit from a few counselling sessions, we are here to help. The [...]


Self–Esteem is about the relationship you have with yourself. It's a feeling that lives within you. This relationship can be good for short periods of time but never sustains. Self-esteem can also be good in some areas of your life and very low in others. How you feel about yourself will dictate how you live your life and how you [...]

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What is Counselling?

Counselling is a process designed to give you time, space, focus and encouragement to explore your personal challenges and reach a better understanding of what is going on for you.   The aim of the counsellor is to create a comfortable environment which should help you feel safe, relaxed, supported and connected The relationship between you and your counsellor will [...]

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Remote Counselling in action

Remote counselling has always been an effective counselling platform for Nightingale to work from. We’re speaking with clients online and by telephone on a weekly basis. Our online clients come from all over Scotland, England (especially London), Wales, Australia, America, Asia and everywhere in-between. Our remote counselling clients come to us through recommendations from clients who have worked with us [...]

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